Testimonials from Collectors & Friends

Jenell Kesler, Brookhaven, PA

Cheryl's work goes far beyond the child like sophistication that first captures your attention.  Forget her fine sense of balance or her degree of perspective, ones which move you so far into her world that you find yourself stepping back, if only to regain your own sense of balance.  Her world will never fail to bring a smile to your face and though quite complicated, animated and full of life, you will find yourself feeling uncommonly at peace while lost in her visions.  I think it unfair to draw comparisons to other artists since her water colours are so very unique; never the less, her work rides high on it's own wave, flowing somewhere between the surreal and the dreamscape.  Cheryl's choice of colours are unparalleled, her subject matter and her colouration define each other in a manner that must be seen first hand to be appreciated.  Her paintings seem to develop right before your eyes, the subject matter, the place and the activity are all fresh and new, yet you will find that the scenes are somehow recognizable, as if deeply rooted in a remote portion of your subconscious. 

I'm pleased to have her work represented in my collection and can only wonder where her talent will be taking me in her future works. 

Jenell Ashlie, Degrees in Art Education 
                     Historical and Contemporary Art Collector


Barbara Ardan, Oneonta, NY

Your work is good and strong. People will catch up to it.

Barbara Ardan, Artist