Schmincke Chrome Orange (lead free) (PO62)

Mixing chart for Schmincke's Chrome Orange

How the charts are made are described here.

Colors used in the mixing gradations are:

  1. Sennelier Cobalt Green (mixture)
  2. American Journey Andrew's Turquoise (mixture)
  3. Winsor-Newton Cobalt Turquoise (PB36)
  4. Winsor-Newton Cerulean Blue (PB35)
  5. Daler Rowney Transparent Turquoise (PG7+PB15:3)
  6. Schmincke Phthalo blue (PB15:1)
  7. Winsor-Newton French Ultramarine (PB29)
  8. Winsor-Newton Indanthrene Blue (PB60)
  9. Winsor-Newton Ultramarine Violet (PV15)
  10. Schmincke Sepia Brown (PB15:1+PBk9+2xPBr7)
  11. Sennelier Lamp Black (PBk9+PY42)
  12. Schmincke Titanium White Opaque (PW6)