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This page contains links to other Web sites that I think you will find interesting. They have been grouped into the following topics: Sardinia, Archaeology, Color Theory, Places, Art Materials, and Music. None of these lists are intended as comprehensive or extensive, they are simply sites that I've found useful or that I like. I hope you find them interesting. Of course, an Internet search via your favorite search engine will find thousands of sites.

If you're interested in reading a book, I have a whole page devoted to them; with more to come.


Sardinia (
A travel oriented web site for Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian). Much of the site is in Italian, but there's a nice section in English on sardinian archaeology and prehistory.

Sardinia (
Another travel oriented site, mostly in Italian. Nice photos.

Hello Sardinia (
A travel site supported by a 'network of quality accomodations and B&B's'. It has a section on Sardinian archaeology.
Sardinia Point (
Another travel oriented site with some link to archaeology.



Archaeology Magazine
The official magazine of the Archaeological Institute of America. Very readable, and covers the whole world.
Mediterranean Archaeology
A whole site devoted to this topic. Includes Sardinia, but mostly of the Nuraghic period.
Sardinia Mining Archaeology
A very nice site totally devoted to the above topic. Perhaps it seems too esoteric, but let's be honest, where do you think minerals come from? Mineral pigments come from the earth as well.


Color Theory

Color Systems
A good site showing many different color systems from the past to the present. In multiple languages.
Munsell Color System
Official site for the Munsell system.
A good site for explaining a lot about color theory. Has good analysis of the lightfastness of watercolor paints, but not exhaustive (doesn't include many Smincke, Old Holland, or Sennelier). An excellent site for painters.
Color Model Museum
Collection of color models compiled by F. Gerritsen. Dating back to the 16th century. Very interesting.

Art Materials

New York Central Art Supply
Perhaps the best art supply store in the US. The don't really have a online web store, but can send email to get their catalog.
Artisan/Santa Fe
Perhaps the best art supply store in the Southwest. Their original store was on Canyon Road.
Italian Art Store
Not as extensive a selection as New York Central but top quality products.
Dakota Art Pastels
A great resource for the pastel artist.

Williamsburg Oil Paint
The best oil paint made. Originally handmade by Carl Plansky in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. Still handmade, but now Carl gets to paint. It's good stuff.

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff
Good quality, fast service, great prices.
Kremer Pigments
Great source of artist pigments for making your own paints, e.g. egg tempera. Specializing in historical pigments. A really interesting section of books, too.


International Society of Experimental Artisrs
Experimental Artists of the World, Unite!

Society of Tempera Painters
Mostly egg tempera painters. A lot of information on painting in egg tempera.

Atelier Saint Andre - Icon Painters
A group of excellent traditional icon painters. Lots of information about icon painting, preparation of panels, etc.




Walton, New York
Home page of the Walton Chamber of Commerce.

Delaware County, New York
Home page of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.


Einstürzende Neubauten
Support alternative, industrial music.

Grateful Dead
Long live Jerry. And the rest of the band too.


An archive of a classic bank.