The Lins Collector

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July 2005

Greetings to all my friends and collectors and otherwise just big supporters!

OK, let the truth be known: I've moved from New Mexico. I moved to upstate New York. Alright already, I moved last September. And I didn't tell you. Sorry but the excitement of leaving New mexico was too much for me and then the excitement of being in New York. Well let me get you caught up a bit.

The day I got my check from the title company after the sale of my property, Sappho and Wolfie, the dogs, Shadow and Mr. Cat, the cats, and I got in the jeep and started driving East. On our way to New York. I can remember the excitement. It was quite an adventure — in a fun way. And five days later I crash landed in Walton, New York. Not literally crashed you know but figuratively crashed. Instantly like that I found the little house from 1863 that became our place to live. It wasn't falling down nor needing $50,000 to make it habitable. Not in perfect shape but way better than most. It was like it had been waiting for me.

So now I've made it through the first new York winter and we're into summer. Basically I'm pretty happy here. And I've gotten back into painting again. I have some new little egg tempera pieces that are much more figurative than in the past. They are my little Goddess paintings. I know there will be many more of them. But I sense the Ozieri are ready to be unleashed again as well.

I recently participated in the Treadwell Stagecoach Art Festival, a kind of studio tour, where I sold a painting and have someone interested in buying several. Considering the number of folks attending it was a very good response. I've been accepted into the Cooperstown Art Association National and will be having a two person show at the Upper Catskill Art Council gallery in March 2006. Very positive things are happening. And the gallery search is being very active. I suspect it will be successful fairly quickly. I'm just getting a sense that I didn't have in New Mexico.

Anyway I'm running out of this page. Check the website: Send me email ( so you can be in the email list. Viva la peinture! (Long live painting!) Thanks for your support. I've sold 55 paintings since January 2003. All thanks to you. Viva la peinture! (Long live painting!)

All the best from your artist,


Cheryl Lins