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February 2006

Happy New Year to all my friends! (And Valentines Day and Presidents Day...)

I must say that 2005 was an interesting year for me. Mostly it was very good. I have a new heating system with a modern 85% efficient natural gas fired boiler and fancy Belgian radiators. This keeps the house much warmer than before at a significantly reduced expense. No longer is the upstairs a cool 52º in the winter. Now the house is uniformly 68º. This has been very exciting. It's now pleasurable going upstairs into the studio. In addition, there are new washer and dryer in the basement and a gas range/oven is about to be installed as I write. These conditions are a whole lot better than the yurt. And I also don't have to worry about my living space being blown down by the winds.

This winter in upstate New York has been quite mild in spite of the fact that one morning I woke to -16º outside. Now there's just something different about the quality of the air at that temperature. After perhaps ten minutes (in heavy boots and down parka) I told the dogs that we're going inside, my nose was quite cold. But really that was the only below zero morning so far. That's a bit unusual for this area. Right now we're having our typical January thaw; there's almost no snow on the ground and today's high will be about 53º. Tonight we're expecting rain, followed by snow. While the weather is a far cry from New Mexico, I'm quite happy here.

Farm in fall
Farm in winter

I'm having a very exciting adventure on a farm where I've taken a job as a farm hand. My primary job is to milk goats as this farm produces the best goats milk anywhere. I also get to care for some chickens (about 350 right now) and gather eggs. This is a nice organic farm. You can visit them on the web:

Barn in winter

These pictures are of the farm in fall and winter. So the bills can be paid while I do some painting. Painting? Yes painting. That still happens. Last year had some small success at the Cooperstown Art Association shows getting into their Regional and National. At the National receiving an award for 'Best Watermedia'. And actually, I've sold three paintings to New Yorkers.

I wasn't very happy with most of my painting in 2005. A group of little egg tempera paintings I thought were nice. One even got a 'Merit' award at the International Society of Experimental Artists show in Fort Worth, TX. My goal is to produce a 4' x 7' wall of them. Some day. I'm thinking about applying next year for a grant to do a project like that and we'll see what happens. I'm really excited about my new painting series Les Petits Mystères de l'Ozieri. They'll be presented at my two person show with local installation artist Patricia LaFata at the Oneonta Arts Council ( I expect to have 20 new paintings showing along with Ozieri paintings from New Mexico. I'll have images up on the web for March 10th, the opening. Until then, here are select samples.

May 2006 bring all of you peace, prosperity and good fortune. May it be so for all people and creatures of the Earth. May love fill your life and happiness be ever present. Thanks for all of your support and kindness. May all beings benefit from your good activities.

Love from the Northeast,
Cheryl Lins