L.P.M.O. #16

L.P.M.O. #16
Watercolor • 10 ½" x 7" • 2006


The Road to Monte d'Accoddi III

The Road to Monte d'Accoddi III
Watercolor, w/c crayon, charcoal • 9 ½" x 12 ½" • 2004


In the beginning painting is fun, a challenging diversion. But one day the paintings begin to speak to you and take you in unexpected directions. A direction and place outside oneself. One then becomes a slave to painting.

Welcome to the web site of abstract painter Cheryl Lins. I specialize in watercolor and egg tempera paintings. I currently live in the historic village of Walton, New York – founded in 1785. Previously, the village of Cerrillos, New Mexico, near Santa Fe, was called home.

My abstract paintings emphasize color, shape and internal movement and balance. My paintings use symbols much as a still life painter uses bottles, pitchers, and apples. It is not necessary for you to understand what the paintings are about for you to enjoy them. The latest paintings are entitled Les Petits Mystères de l'Ozieri (The Little Mysteries of the Ozieri). They'll be unveiled at the opening of my two person show with Patricia LaFata at the Kubiak Gallery in Oneonta, March 10th.

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  • New group of paintings: Les Petits Mystères de l'Ozieri.
  • Cheryl Lins and Patricia Engel LaFata (two person show). Kubiak Gallery. Oneonta, New York. March 10 – April 1, 2006.
  • Collector Newsletter, January 2006 now avilable.
  • Showing work at the Moonlight Studio Gallery in Sharon Springs, New York.